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Club Raiders works with a variety of different businesses in the events and media space. From music festivals, to big brands, nightclubs, live music venues, booking agencies and record labels we have it all covered. Here are a few of our most recent collaborators. 


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You know them, you love them. With over 15 years of music industry experience, this motley crew of guys & gals have got serious runs on the board, partnering and performing with some of Australia's biggest events, venues and brands. 

The well established, independent collective, works across a multitude of creative platforms including Club Nights, Event Management, Music Festivals, Artist booking, Corporate Consulting and Marketing. Whether they are commandeering dance floors or grinding behind the scenes of some of Australia's best creative projects, Club Raiders always deliver an experience that showcases their love for making people enjoy themselves.



With over 15 years of music industry experience, the Club Raiders collective partners and performs with some of Australia's biggest events, venues and brands. 


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From event conceptualisation to completion, we offer services for all aspects of your event. This includes Project Management, Production, Operations, Infrastructure, Finance, & Marketing.

Club Raider's excellent communication skills and industry expertise is an invaluable resource if you require talent for any event, sponsorship activation, festival, support act or club event.

Your company needs to be represented the right way. With over 10 years experience in sponsorship activations our expert team will effectively execute any project.

Having an event party or rave? Our rental store for the best DJ's and production gear is on the way! Make sure to keep an eye out for when it becomes available.

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